What is clipping and its importance?


By Rodolfo Zanchin When working to provide public relations and media relations services for a company, organization, public person or product, an evaluation of results is required, which is only possible through the clipping.

The clipping is a report which contains the monitoring and record of all materials available in the media — whether printed, online, radio or television — referring to the image of the company, product, organization, etc. It is through this report that we can have a real idea of the work performed. The essencial importance of clipping is about something basic: the clipping of publications – whether in the press or in social networks. This clipping takes place in printed materials, online publications, radio or TV broadcasts.

Clipping can be done on a specific topic, about a company, organization or even about a sector. For companies that work with a press office agency, or public relations agency, it is important to measure the results achieved through this work, apparently basic, but very strategic. All these clippings, or the compilation of these publications, refers to the image of the company, product, organization, etc. – and that can be sent daily, weekly and monthly. Through this listing we managed to get a real notion of the work performed. Based on these publications, the press office or public relations agency measures results and is able to measure whether the work is being executed strategically and aligned with the interests of the company. Thus, the measurements can be made in many ways: number of people possibly impacted, vehicle type, region, column inches measurement, and a number of other ways of measuring.

Check below some favorable clipping points:

As we know, the reputation is fragile and through clipping we can measure how the company, organization or public person is seen in the market.


By analyzing the results, we can identify failures in the communication process, evaluate achieved goals and even possible financial returns.


Identifying market trends helps the communication team to anticipate crisis and see or even find new opportunities.

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