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Press office, also known as relationship with the media, aims to initiate, create and maintain relations with the press or influencers, promoting a company or institution; be it in trade, industry or services; through the editorial space of the media and in influencers channels. This service aims, aligned with the client’s objectives, to conquer positive spontaneous media on these platforms.

Race Communications works in press relations always in line with our clients’ strategy, seeking the best result. Thus, we perform a customized service for our advisors, always acting beyond the traditional model. The relationship with the press is made by our team in a strategic way to reach the final public, and of main interest, of our customers. However, the work of the press office is not only intended to generate spontaneous media and positively impact the client’s audience, but also to act in times of communication crisis management. In this way, in difficult times, it helps to reduce the negative impact on the image of our advisors.


Press Office | Race Communications

Race is a press agency that acts in a different way, innovating in relationships, with meetings, visits to newsrooms, differentiated agenda proposals, inclusion of infographics in our promotional materials, always thinking about the best way to generate results strategic for our clients, but always in line with what journalists or influencers expect. In our strategy, we think creatively about new ways of impacting journalists and influencers and, thus, helping to build or maintain the reputation of our customers. Press kits, customized events, debates, networking lunches with journalists and influencers are an essential part of our work.



We have a methodology based on the PESO model (Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned Media) that integrates actions with the press and influencers along with other communication activities of customers, whether in social media, on the website or even in their advertising. The integrated work can be carried out entirely within the agency or jointly with other client agencies.

The agency has its headquarters in São Paulo, with offices in Rio de Janeiro and Goiás.

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Description: press office
Purpose: creating and maintaining media relations
Results: generates spontaneous exposure and impacts different audiences
Target Clients: trade, industry and services


Our achievements

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