Race comunicação agência - Press Office

Initiating, creating and maintaining relations with the press, a service also called a press office, involves publicizing a company or institution, be it trade, industry or services, through the editorial space in communication outlets, gaining spontaneous exposure.
Our work in the press office is always in line with our clients’ strategy, seeking the best possible result. In this manner, we perform customized services for our clients, always working beyond the traditional model.

Relationship with the press is handled by our team in a strategic manner, in order to reach their end and main interest audience.

We operate in a different manner, innovating in relationships, with relationship meetings, visits to newsrooms, suggestions for differentiated agendas, including infographics in our dissemination materials, always thinking about how best to generate strategic results for our clients, but always aligned with what is expected by journalists.

Description: press office
Purpose: creating and maintaining media relations
Results: generates spontaneous exposure and impacts different audiences
Target Clients: trade, industry and servicesos


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