The media relations inserted in strategic planning

By Alan Mariasch

Investing in media relations does not mean getting good publications in relevant vehicles or developing relationship actions with important journalists. What then justifies all the efforts and investments in this type of external communication? The answer to this question lies in the strategic planning of each company, and where the PR can contribute to it.

Strategic planning is a process that makes the management of a company easier, assisting in setting goals and which are the strategies to achieve them. First of all, the vision and mission of the organization are determined.  Then, a diagnosis is performed with the analysis of the weaknesses, threats, opportunities and strengths in internal and external environments. Finally, the objectives and goals that the company wants to achieve, and what are the metrics used to check the results are defined.

The media relations operate in areas such as external release and management of the image and reputation of a company. Therefore, their role is vital in the strategic planning of most organizations today, especially in times of high competitiveness in which transparency and good relationships are essentials. Companies that do not like to give satisfaction about their activities and do not dialogue with its stakeholders are likely doomed to failure.

It is a mistake to think that media relations are merely operational activities, which only send press releases. It is about a very important area, inserted in strategic planning and helping the company to achieve its growth targets, profitability and talent retention. Can anyone imagine a modern company that does not worry about having a good relationship with the media?

* Alan Mariasch is PR at Race Communications

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