10 benefits of having a Public Relations

By Rogério Artoni

You probably already know how important communication is in business, but how it can be an ally to your business? We have already explained here on the Blog of Race Communications what is public relations and when a company needs this service. But it is important to note that through the PR, which is one of the tools within the communication area, you can get many benefits.

1- Having your brand in media outlets: Even without publicity it is possible to appear in media outlets. Through the PR, an organized planning and effective strategies, your company or your products can become news. In a positive way, you can have publications on pages of magazines, newspapers, radios, TVs and websites of several editorials. (Understand the difference between PR and advertising here)

2-Brand Strengthening: When strategies are aligned with the guidelines of your company, you can strengthen your brand or your products to potential consumers. Your company impacts stakeholders when appearing positively in the media. This way it strengthens your brand or products with opinion leaders and increases your reputation with them.

3- Products and services turn into news: Imagine that your product has some important differentials over competitors, but what is the point if your consumer do not know that? It is exactly at this moment that the public relations works, looking for turning these features into news, always with positive information. With good strategies it is possible to show to the press these relevant points and put your product or service highlighted in the media.

4- Become a specialist to the journalist: Journalists who work in the media need sources, also known as the spokespeople, to develop a story. Therefore, you can become the specialist to these reporters and be consulted whenever they have an article related to your topic and have exposure in the media.

5- Appearing for those who matter: The PR work is always looking for publications in the media that are relevant to the client. So the main point here is to appear for those who matter, generating more business and even possibly opening new markets. All aligned with the company’s strategies.

6- It improves the positioning of your website on Google and other search engines: With several articles published in many different news websites, in some cases with a link to your website, your visibility in Google and other search engines has a great improvement. This is why the PR work also helps you with your position in the ranking of these searchers.

7-It helps when hiring new employees: It does not seem to have much connection, but a company which is in the media generates interest from potential new employees. Imagine you are looking for a job and a company in your area appears in a very important media outlet, will you not send your CV there?

8- It enhances marketing actions: Many times marketing actions have expenses already budgeted for advertising, events, stand hiring, but it does not always include PR. However, in many moments the PR can be as essential as the event itself to achieve the expected results. It may be crucial to get participants, generate buzz in the media or even to show your consumer the promotional action you did.

9- Spokesperson training to speak with journalists: Although the director or president is always a very qualified person in many ways, they usually never had contact with the media. In this case a media training may be essential to get the best results. Through this training, with interviews simulations, they understand the importance of speaking with journalists, even in case of crisis. This spokesperson also learns how to pass a message in the right way, how to deal with these professionals, among other important benefits.

10- It manages crises: A PR is not only about good news. In times of crisis, this service can help to mitigate the problems and in some cases reverse the situation. With transparency and proactivity with the press, it is possible to show your side of the story, not letting a crisis to get worse. Remember that is better if you talk instead of others speaking on your behalf.

* Rogério Artoni is Race Communications director

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