Corporate Social Medias – What Are They And Why Use Them?

By Filipe Andrade

When we talk about corporate communications, we immediately think about a number of channels used for this, some more conventional (house organs, corporate TVs, bulletins) and other less conventional (video releases, for example). An even less conventional channel and one on the increase, is corporate social medias.

They are platforms that can unite members of an organisation, creating a network of communication with the objective of bringing team members of the company closer.

One of the more well known examples of corporate social medias is Yammer. The platform was created by the Silicon Valley tech giant, Microsoft, and their idea with the tool is to provide the possibility for everyone, from high management to receptionist in a company, to leave comments, share updates and make questions.

With the same objective, some organisations, for various reasons, opt for developing their own platforms, which requires a greater investment, however, the results can be worth it. Some of Race Communications clients, for example, already make use of this idea, providing exclusive apps to their coworkers. In the app, they can find, apart from useful information regarding the organisation, ways to connect with other coworkers, share information, make suggestions for improvements and participate in the administration of the company.

The market of corporate social medias is one that still requires some exploring but which certainly is worth investing in!