Infographics in Corporate Communications – More Efficient Communications

Infographics in corporate communications more efficient Race - Infographics in Corporate Communications - More Efficient Communications

By Lívia Caixeta

The communication with your public, no matter who they are, will only be efficient if the message that you intend to send, is received without unwanted noise interfering the transmission. In other words, the information needs to be seized in a clean and clear manner, without margin for alternative interpretations. This challenge is even bigger when we find ourselves in a reality in which information is everywhere all the time and the time to access it and understand it, is equally short. Considering this, one of the most efficient ways to overcome this challenge is by using visual communications, such as infographics, which are commonly used on social media.

“Infographics are a type of visual graphic representation, which help presenting data and explain complex issues, facilitating a better understanding.(1) The journalistic infographics are usually characterized by the combination of short texts and representative figures and diagrams, whose objective is to explain a piece of content to the reader. Apart from their use in journalistic texts, they can also be used in technical manuals, educational material, scientific articles etc.” (Wikipedia)

Reproducing a piece of content through images makes it lighter and, most often, more objective. There are no limits for applying the use of infographics. They can be used in any type of material that a company produces (bulletins, newsletters, email marketing, internal magazines etc), as well as in online channels, where they are commonly used.

So, if you wish to catch the attention of your coworkers or other stakeholders of your organization, don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this tool!