Tolls that help in the search for digital influencers

Race Comunications Tolls that help in the search for digital influencers - Tolls that help in the search for digital influencers

By Rodrigo Freitas

Each day digital influencers gain more space and notority. Today it is unthinkable to believe in a digital communication strategy without the usage of opinion leaders. It is not aimlessly that, with the goal of selling and launching products, building a relationship with a certain audience or increasing brand awareness, the brands and organizations hijack the influence of these social actors.
Currently, influence marketing is one of the most used strategies by PR and marketing professionals. According to a research by Linqia, 92% of marketing professionals consider influence marketing effective. Still, according to a research by Tomoson conducted in 2015 with 125 professionals from the United States, 59% of them planned to raise their budget in the next 12 months using this modality.
But how to find influencers? What are the tools to map digital influencers?

Tools to map digital influencers

Even though there is not a unique pattern or formula to map influencers, currently the market offers some platforms that ease the access to opinion leaders. For example, Traackr allows the discovery of influencers and shows their impact. Klear allows the search of influencers by area. With a simple and practical model, Digital Influencers has over 1,000 micro-influencers in its data base. (by the Comunique-se Portal) has a data base with around 80 thousand registered digital influencers. The platform allows searches by gender, reach on social media, age and social network. A differential is that it allows direct contact with the influencer. identifies profiles that have interacted with a Twitter account and alerts for the resumption of contact with users that have not mentioned the brand/ organization recently.

Besides the above mentioned platforms, there are numerous tools that allow the finding of influencers online. For example, with over 400 options of search to find influencers for activations of several segments, Airfluencers allows that the contractor follows the performance of the opinion leaders. Another tool that also helps brands and organizations in the search for the ideal influencer for an action or campaign is Celebryts. The solution has around 40,000 influencers. Following the example of, it gives the user a chance to quote and negotiate directly with the digital influencers.
Likewise, Squid is capable of identifing, recruting and activating micro-influencers. Buzzsumo also allows finding influencers of several segments. The tool watches the level of influence and the results of the users and their posts, allowing the accomplishment of oriented relationships.

Strategic planning with digital influencers

Other strategies

Other strategies in the identification of influencers are specific searches on Google. Through the search (all of them, images, videos, news), it is possible to manually map profiles of opinion leaders that deal with specific topics. A free tool that comes quite handy at times is Google Trends (the solution shows the most searched terms and topics in a recent time period).
On social network, it is also possible to identify influencers, whether is through researches on the search field, participation in specific groups on Facebook and following hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. The presence in events, lectures and awards of the field is also an effective strategy. Besides identifying possible influencers, taking part in events is a big motto to start relationships.
Another form of finding influencers that are connected to your business or brand is hireing a Public Relations agency that will help in strategies and relationship with several opinion leaders – online and offline.
If you are interested, here at Race Communications we have experience and the required competence to help your business or brand raise higher flights.