Digital influencers: from planning to action

By Bárbara Christan

In a time when people are more and more connected, marketing strategies must adapt to trends and technological innovations that arise at every second.

Instagram, one of the social networks on the rise in Brazil and the world, has already risen to the occasion, and provides more and more resources for online sales, as the swipe up link in Stories and, most recently, the shopping feature in the feed. This last one allows tagging products in the pictures and creating a link for e-commerce. Thus, the costumer may complete the purchase without leaving the app.

Along with these functions, another way to increase sales and recognition are actions with digital influencers – mostly on Instagram and YouTube. With them, the disclosure of products and services may be cheaper and reach better results, besides contributing to create a positive image and generating trust for the company.

But how to know whether your business needs partnerships with influencers and proceed with actions?

The first step is taking into account your segment: understand your product/service and analyze whether it fits into the digital disclosure spectrum. Are your rivals on social media through influencers? In case they are, analyze if they obtain good results and what they have done to stand out in this scenario.

Also try to analyze your persona. This is a very important step! Consider the consume custom, age range, what it likes to consume online the most, if it is on YouTube with videos, or on Instagram, making a choice for images and/or short clips. Investigate their need for consumption as well and which people influence in their purchase decision the most. With this information at hand, it is easier to decide whether campaigns with influencers will bring good results.

Find out which influencers have more connection to your business and explore the related areas: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, gastronomy, culture, entrepreneurship. Select a few names and analyze the amount of followers they have, which products they disclose, the reach and engagement indexes, and also your reputation – the rise or fall of the influencer may leverage or impair your performance!

If you choose the disclosure with influencers strategy, organize yourself! The company must be financially ready for the action and also to deal with the consequences of the digital actions, as, for instance, rise in sales flow and interaction in social media. Be ready to receive more access to your website (that means the planning worked), stock the product you are disclosing (you don’t want to run out of it!) and offer good costumer service.

Considering these points, you can guarantee success in any action!