The role played by public relations in the market of franchises

7. Assessoria de imprensa x mercado de franquias RaceComunicacao - The role played by public relations in the market of franchises

By Evelyn Spada

The market of franchises has grown 5.1% on the first quarter of 2018, in comparison to the same period last year, according to ABF (Brazilian Franchise Association). But, amidst this market in expansion, how to stand out and attract consumers that identify with the mission of the brand?

This might be a recurring question among new entrepreneurs. The ones who invest in franchises know that the business is ready for operation, but maybe have not yet in their initial plan investment in strategies to draw a distinction before competitors and gain space. In order to generate credibility, take root in the market and make the brand more and more famous, it’s necessary to invest in positioning with distinctive and effective communication initiatives.

With public relations, it’s possible to strengthen the brand not only in mass media, but also in the specialized outlets of the field. Popping up spontaneously on the press may boost the generation of leads, make the franchise more famous and, thus, the most remembered among consumers, that could also be new franchisees.

With active communication crafted along with the press, it is possible to generate values that the brand cherishes. With franchise networks, the task can operate in different fronts to achieve commercial success, as, for instance, strengthening the image of the franchise or even generating the required visibility to attract the final consumer and potential investors. It is necessary to clearly communicate the business model, the differentials, besides presenting innovations and entrepreneurship stories. Planned actions and good narratives strengthen the relationship with consumers. Therefore, spare no efforts in establishing a good relationship with your target audience.

Remember, communication is a crucial piece for franchise networks, after all who is not seen is not remembered!

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