The importance of PR work for micro and small enterprises

By Stephanie Gomes

Most of large companies have PR agencies and is easy to understand why it is so necessary for the business development . We often see reports in the media that a company needs to answer some charge or clarify a case involving his name or its employees.


But the PR job is not just about managing crises and help your customer to maintain credibility with the press. Among its tasks it is also the responsibility of creating a link with journalists and present the client as a possible good source for the materials they write. And that’s why we have a PR agency is advantageous also for smaller companies.


It is rare to be reported in the media a scandal involving a small company but have the name of your product, service or institution in a news story has great value and gives good visibility to the brand. Depending on the case, can a much greater effect than an advertisement could provide. The article written by a journalist spends much more credible to the reader than an ad, as in the case of advertisement, it is the company talking about herself.


In addition, the PR work is a communications strategy much more affordable than advertising. Smaller companies often have less money to invest and in such cases, the advice can bring good results and accelerate business growth, charging a value often less than the advertising. So who thinks that needs a large investment to see the name of your brand in newspapers, magazines and major Internet portals, do not know the PR work


Depending on the customer’s order, the agency can draw a strategy and thus think and plan what vehicles will achieve. For a healthcare company, for example, is generally priority out in specialized media in its segment, but the PR agency  may also include planning guidelines aimed at targeted vehicles for the corporate environment and thus make the company name became known among interested in expanding the business or open new franchises. “I tried Race Communicação work to the company had a higher profile in the press, to reach the public from other regions and states and also to participate in different agendas, broader issues about the business,” says Rachel Cuocolo, owner of Oficina Brigadeiro, a company that produces personalized souvenirs. “The visibility had greatly increased in every state, and hence the volume of sales,”


The micro and small entrepreneurs occupy a large portion of the economy and its products and services also face competition and market competitiveness. The communication in general has the power to display, highlight, zoom in and assist in the consolidation and development of a brand, so, what the small business offers needs to be publicized as much as what is offered by large institutions.


For the competitive market that entrepreneurs face is not enough to create the best product and provide the best service. Get introduced to the market, making your brand known and gain new customers are necessary actions and also the main reasons why a small business owner looking for a PR agency. Luiz Miyajima, chiropractor and director of clinical QuiroVida, believes this is one of the most effective ways to advertise and get recognition for the brand. “The work of the advisory has brought little by little the recognition of QuiroVida brand, as well as a very good demand. It also helps in the dissemination of chiropractic, still new profession in Brazil, “says Luiz.

* Stephanie Gomes is a PR account manager in Race Comunicação

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