By Carlos Massarico

Engagement is the buzzword of the moment in companies that look to the future. Being able to rely on teams and employees who are truly motivated and committed to what they’re doing and who are proven to produce, generates growth and excellent results for businesses. And having within this process of renovation and innovation a good flow of information regarding what happens within the company is fundamental: this is internal communication in its essence.

In short, strategic internal communication is the communication that is able to integrate every employee in the processes, objectives and goals of the company where they work, through a transparent and accessible flow of information. When these employees are aware of the direction of the company which they dedicate their time and effort to and when they believe in its missions, values and visions, this engagement becomes more natural and organic.

The big challenge of today is understanding how to do this integration. If stability and financial rewards were the central elements to motivate previous generations, today we can note that this has already changed – a lot. The virtues of a good job, able to fulfill the expectations of more hyperactive generations, now includes new aspects such as making it clear that every employee is able to generate value to the business.

This creates a very clear answer: to add value to the work of each employee inside a company, it is necessary to integrate it – and to integrate it, it is necessary to unite departments and areas in favour of larger objectives. This is the importance of good internal communication; that it recognizes the efforts of each sector of the company as part of a living organism which acts together and not separated from the context.

Not always is this process of alignment between the areas easy, for everybody to work towards a common goal and to find personal satisfaction which will generate engagement. What is certain is that this reconstruction is necessary for the companies that aim to prosper in a market that is becoming more dynamic and more competitive by the day.

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