Content Production For Internal Communications

By Gabriel Pedreschi

The higher the number of employees in a company, the greater the challenge to reach all of them with the necessary information. For this reason, the help of a communications agency or consultancy is essential in producing content, assisting with the optimization of internal communications and the development of a strategy for creation, analysis and editing of internal content.

To reach all – or most – of the employees, the communications agency, together with the communications department of the company, need to follow a few important steps in order to keep the employees aligned with the organisation:

  • Assessment of the most appropriate communications channel;
  • News bulletin (for short and concise content)
  • Magazine (for more profound content)
  • Intranet blog (the amount of information can vary from post o post)
  • e-mail (Newsletter)
  • Casual language (so that everyone understands)
  • Content that catches the employees attention

With  correctly planned and executed internal communications, the employees will feel closer to the company and stay informed. This way generating a communications channel between the employer and the employees, engaging and integrating the coworkers.

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