Company values through image management

Race Communications Company values through image management - Company values through image management

Building a positive image of your company before the market is one of the goals of every business. One of the key strategies to achieve this goal is to portray the company’s values 鈥嬧媡hrough image management, creating a striking reputation and thus assuming a clear positioning before its clients. And for your company to build these solid roots with its target audience and stand out from the crowd, your communication needs to be effective, up-to-date, and compatible with today’s corporate and social demands.
The advantage of betting on visual communication is knowing that it has a great potential for reception and reaches more people than written communication, for example. Besides being instant, it is easily understood. One must bear in mind that 80% of human memory is associated with images and figures, so investing in this area is certainly a sure bet.

Visual marketing

During the creative process, define how you want your customer to see your brand and how you want it to be advertised. It is not only the services provided by the organization that should draw attention, but the values 鈥嬧媋nd principles of the company through visual elements. Typographies, colors and objects have meanings and within them a message to be passed. If your goal is to sell the brand and reach large scales, you must make explicit the identity of your business.
First of all, you should know that the image management process is fragile and requires a lot of care, for any gap can be fatal to the future of the organization, since with the increasing rise of the digital space, anyone can be influenced by other people’s opinions and judgments can irreversibly leave marks on the image of your company. Therefore, studying your target audience thoroughly and being closely aligned with their thoughts is what will help you chart your next steps.
Identity will make the target audience want to know your services. It will be the persuasive selling factor and will convey a message about the quality of your products, so that they can be shared and recommended. What makes it unique and different from other similar segments within the market? Investing in identity is investing in the future of your brand and securing your space. With this, the company-client-consumer relationship will be reliable, making your brand an ideal of credibility and shaping a positive reputation, strengthening its principles.

Transparency and alignment

Corporate communication goes far beyond the composition of articles, measurement of results, and relationship encounters. Managing image is also giving priority to the visual content that your company makes available to the public through social networks, press kits, folders and logos. It has to do with the visual identity that your business comes down to and, in particular, it aligns with your client’s needs.
However, consolidating identity is a complex process that involves client-company monitoring and alignment strategies. Being aware of the user experience – the behavior and experience of your audience – and what they expect from your organization is critical in determining what types of images will be formed and how values 鈥嬧媍an be evidenced through the visual elements. The public demands innovation. The connection with the customer reflects on the company’s strategy and investing in visual identity is one of the pillars of a business’s success.
From the moment you manage to transmit your company values 鈥嬧媡hrough visual communication, your brand is closer to being consolidated in the market and to being recognized in the corporate environment, ensuring an effective positioning. The visual elements will determine your prominence before the competition and will be a key strategic element for future projects and image management.

Life cycle

More important than building an identity and managing image is to sustain your reputation. Every brand needs to be managed. It’s no use creating a strategy, establishing a reputation and forgetting the diagnostics. They are the ones who will determine the lifecycle of your brand, whether it is growing and what it needs to meet today’s demands.
The brand needs to be constantly in dialogue with its customers, needs to take a stand and live up to the values 鈥嬧媜f the company. This is the only way it will generate trust and greater credibility for your peers. It needs to be transparent, say what it wants to achieve and where wants to go.
Actions and behaviors are crucial to maintaining image management. Betting on a striking identity will not only make your brand remembered more easily, but if it is at the same time aligned with the principles, values 鈥嬧媋nd goals that your company wants to achieve, it will have developed a strong reputation to the market, as well as attracting other potential brands and investors.


This content is a collaboration of Ana Luiza Antunes

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