Micro Influencers And Customized Actions

Micro Influencers And Customized Actions

By Filipe Andrade

In the social media era, organisations and brands use a variety of tools to gain visibility and to get recognition in the digital world. For this purpose, they invest in people who can influence and engage potential customers. Terms such as bloggers and youtubers are common to name these so called influencers who, by mentioning a brand, are able to attract large crowds and add value to the product in question.

However, the more followers the influencer has, the more expensive the investment in actions with the influencer will be. This is where a second option comes into question – actions with micro influencers. These are, just like the influencers, popular individuals in the digital world. The difference is in their numbers of reach and engagement. They are people who, generally speaking, work in very specific niches, talking to a rather limited audience.

This, however, does not mean that they are necessarily less influential. Quite the opposite! In certain segments, the use of micro influencers can be even more effective, enabling the brand to get recognized by an audience that might have the ideal profile for the segment, guaranteeing a greater assertiveness for the strategy in question. In other words, if you wish to segment, it is an excellent option to look for a micro influencer.

However, it is necessary to remember a few things. Diego Santos, co-founder of Nerd ao Cubo, in an article in Meio e Mensagem, discusses the necessity of negotiating the price, despite the lower cost of micro influencers. “It is fundamental to negotiate and make the influencer comfortable with a fair payment, even if only consists in receiving free product- or service samples. Many times it’s possible to find hundreds of similar micro influencers who produce content which, together, reach the same numbers as the big influencers”, he points out.

Hence, the communicator needs to analyze the target audience, the strategy and choose the micro influencer who best suits the needs.

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