…and have a sustainable and healthy relationship with your employees
By Lívia Caixeta

The health of a company has a lot in common with the health of a human body. Just as our organism, a company depends on the commitment and effort of several groups in order to function. And thinking about this analogy, employees are like cells. They are the ones who will make the oxygen and all nutrients to supply complex systems (breathing, digestion, nervous, etc.).

When our body gets sick, all parts of the organism suffer from the consequences of the pain/disease. From that moment, there is a general commotion so that the strange symptom is reversed and the routine returns to normal. It’s as if each cell received the information that it needs to do something to change the medical state.

The same happens inside a company. The employees need to be aware of the work routine, not only in their department but also in other departments. The work done in an integrated way prevents “space limits” from being invaded and prevents unnecessary distress. The team culture requires that each person bears in mind that the work of other people is as important as your own. And that this way, the road to the result may be even more harmonic and quicker.

Internal communications therefore have a strategic function in corporations. Through its many tools it’s possible to inform everyone what’s happening to different departments in the company, and then, to awaken this global vision in employees. Returning to the analogy, it’s as if the management model was the brain, the internal communicationss were the fluids and the employees were the cells.


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