What is press mailing list?

target market analysis - What is press mailing list?

By Núbia Neves

As important as the press release, the press mailing list is a vital tool to the media relations work. It has the data of the targeted journalists, such as: name, vehicle, publishing, telephone, email, etc. With a determined and selected mailing list it is possible to achieve much more effective results.

Rogério Artoni, Director of Race Communications, explains that the mailing list is essential when writing a press release. “When selecting journalists, we know more about the target and then we can focus on our work in a more efficient way”, he says.

It is useless to fill a material of interesting information and meaningful spokespersons, if it will not be sent to the right journalists. This is why the devotion to adapt each mailing list according the client and its needs is so important. Also, it is important to study the journalists because not always the editors or the editorial staffs are the best solutions. A good mailing list will leave your news will always in front.

* Núbia Neves is a PR account manager at Race Comunicação

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