Who is your company on social media?

Race Communications Who is your company on social media 1 - Who is your company on social media?

By Evelyn Spada

Every person, a universe. There are those who are more restless, those who like to give advice, those who dream, in short, there are innumerable characteristics that differentiate people. And with the brand is no different. Creating the personality and individuality of the company on social media can reveal a more humane and even humorous side of the brand.

Before of the channels of online service, the brands gain tone of voice and even hobbies. This enables customers to come closer to those with characteristics and values ​​for which they feel more affinity. But how can we ensure that the brand is notorious, desired and become the public’s “sweetheart”?

The answer is brand persona. That is, working the personality that the brand will have on social media. Through social platforms, it is possible to openly show the customer who the company is and even create an affective bond with this consumer. The first step to understanding who your company is on social media is to determine its mission, vision and values. This trio is the basis for the initial personality definitions. Another thing one must consider is the segment in which it operates. Sometimes the niche in which the company is inserted already suggests certain types of personas. Also, knowing and understanding the target audience is crucial.

The persona needs to be someone the consumer on the other side of the screen wants to talk or even have a coffee with.Throughout the creation of a persona, the brand will have to come up with tone of voice. It can be from a young tone, which is cool and uses slang, and even has a humorous tone. A classic example is the Penguin, from the Brazilian store Pontofrio. He is informal, talks to consumers, takes questions on the spot and even negotiates prices through their official profile.

Remember: the tone must be consistent across all interactions, both in comments and in direct messages.After all this survey and with a more detailed persona and closer to the reality of the market of operation, other items could be defined such as: the hobby of the brand, their lifestyle, to the point of coming up with a name and age. This will be the “persona card” to guarantee the standard in communication.

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So, who is your company on social media?