What to say or not say about your company

O que falar ou não da sua empresa - What to say or not say about your company

Por Leydiane Alves

As we know and have heard of it, the image you pass from your company says a lot about it. Knowing how to position yourself well in front of your clients and even your competition is a fundamental task to be highlighted in the market. And it is not just knowing how to talk about the good points of your business, it is to show what you’ve got and what are your differentials. But the doubt is: what should we say or not say about the company?

Research from the marketing area shows that repetition harms when presenting your business, in other words, do not show what is too obvious, do not waste time being repetitive, this may give the feeling of underestimating your client.

The first step is to introduce the most important features of your company. The aim is to make the person interested in the topic at the point of searching for more information on the business.

Another positive strategy is to know how to highlight the advantages of being a client or a partner of your company. Mention the differentials that your brand offers, show you are there to solve problems, fill gaps and make a difference in the area you work.

Have data in hands that prove your efficiency and make sure to emphasize positive results obtained from the work done by your company.

At last, have posture and assertiveness when presenting your business. Take care of your appearance, never present yourself as a scruffy-looking person or an exaggerated one. A research from the University of California shows that it takes only four minutes for one person to form first impressions about the other. According to the numbers, 55% of the good or the bad concept is based on body language, 38% depends on the tone of voice and only 7% relates to what was said.