By Filipe Andrade

One of the most used social networks in the world, Facebook, enables commercial profiles (pages) to intensify their presence and make it more dynamic to the audience, by financially investing in their posts. This tool is known as Facebook ADS.

It works more or less like this – the user can sponsor the post, selecting the audience(s) that (s)he wishes to reach, the geographic region(s) etc. Hence, it is an effective tool for connecting with customers or potential customers.

These investments, obviously, have a price tag, but it is determined by the user. In other words, (s)he chooses how much they are willing to pay, and, according to this amount, Facebook determines the reach of the page/post.

It is important to point out that the increase in followers on a social network will always be proportional to the popularity of the brand but, above all, also to the investments that the organisation makes on the platform. The user pays, literally, for Facebook to promote its brand. The conditions are the same on Instagram.

The usage of the tool is simple, but demands a certain previous knowledge of the metrics (actions, reach, clicks, engagement, frequency etc) applied by the social network to define the strategies (which depend on the philosophy of the company) and the measurement of the results – an important topic when using Facebook ADS.

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