Internal Communication System

By Luiz Gaulia

How to get started with a strategic and significant internal communication job in your company? I developed a model, result of my classes at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia and also classes at the ESPM, Advertisement and Marketing Superior Education School, in São Paulo – talking and exchanging experiences with my students, usually communication, marketing, HR and sustainability managers.

The idea is quite simple. It assumes a model that seeks to photograph the scenario through an attentive listening of the organization’s employees, performing, therefore, an analysis and weaving a general diagnostic of the internal communication dynamics. From this diagnostic, we work on planning, channels, content, understanding the demands of each audience.

The idea is having a live model that dynamically feeds itself, thinks solutions besides the creation of outlets. It thinks of meanings and relevance of content. And everything is aligned with the organization’s way of being, its culture, attributes and mission.

Simple? Yes. But it must be performed with a lot of dedication, bringing people first and humanizing the … human relations! After all, the internal communications professional’s mission is searching the humanization of relationships. We are not robots, it´s worth having in mind in digital times, when a single click may trigger thunderous messages within a company, affecting its atmosphere, engagement and results! Agree?

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