Gamify yourself!

Gamify yourself

A strategy increasingly used by the corporate world, the gamification engages employees, joins teams and retains customers

With the advancement of technology, the world is increasingly connected and fast. The dense exchanges of information and the very high circulation of digital content represent great challenges for companies, which compete for the attention of the public. Retaining stakeholders is almost an impossible mission for a business that does not generate identification, engagement and interaction.

And one of the main targets of organizations is precisely “in the house.” The relevance that employees have for disseminating the values ​​and missions of companies is notorious. Undoubtedly, they are one of the company’s most important showcases. To the inner public, the message must be clear, and the noise exterminated. For these purposes, gamification has proved to be a powerful strategy.

This is a set of engagement techniques that encourage participants to achieve certain goals. In this case, those of the business. Despite the name, it’s not a video game. The tool has used the creative, playful and interactive features of the gaming industry to solve problems and overcome the day-to-day barriers of organizations. To this end, it works with concepts of competition, cooperation, exploration, awards and storytelling.

The foundations of the solution are well grounded, and explore many areas of knowledge, such as psychology, neuroscience, game and learning theories, anthropology and sociology.

Because it is very versatile, the strategy fits into different situations, sectors and types of business. Schools, large and small businesses, hospitals, prisons, hotels, any context can be gamified, taking into account their specificities and objectives.

No wonder, there are several cases of success in the market that demonstrate the effectiveness of the tool. The most impacted indexes are attraction, engagement, retention and conversion of clients and employees. In clear English, gamification has the power to increase sales, attract new consumers, and intensify teamwork – goals that every business struggle to achieve.

The office is no place for games. Says who?!

By Thiago Eid