By Ana Carolina

“In my company we have several different types of incentive programs”, “Of course my team is motivated.” Are you sure? How about hiring specialists on the subject  to guarantee that everything is really alright?

Good relations between the company and its employees is considered one of the most important factors for its success. Nevertheless, some organisations think that simply communicating information to the team is enough. However, the internal communication needs to be a two-way communication, where both parties speak and listen.

The work of the consultants consists of analysing and evaluating the relation between the organisation and the internal audience, collecting data on information about, and impressions related to, the feelings of the co-workers regarding their work environment. After researching and analysing the collected data, it will be possible to identify flaws and to suggest changes which will benefit everybody.

A communications agency, such as Race, will be able to execute an internal communications analysis and to present everything from the diagnostics to planning and supervision of activities which. as part of a communications plans, guarantees good relations with the internal audience. 

The communications consultancy and diagnostics can also be applied on the external audience. It is possible to create and manage programmes and processes which promote the image and relations of an organisation through PR activities and media relations, such as: social media analysis, contacts with opinion makers, organising of events, quantitative and qualitative consumer research, among others.