The Evidence Ballet case: strategy and creativity in campaigns with digital influencers

By Thamyris Barbosa

Influencer marketing was one of the greatest key players in the business communication scenario in 2018. If you have ignored the power of this tool in these last few months, know that you won’t be able to run away from it in 2019: your company’s communication will probably surrender to the approach of bloggers, youtubers and instagrammers.

But it’s not because influencers are trendy that working with them will necessarily be an easy task. The relationship with them demands strategy and creativity. Before proposing any campaign, it’s essential to know exactly what the company’s goal is, which message they want to pass forward and who the target audience is. That is what the dancing clothes and accessories company, Evidence Ballet, experienced during Christmas 2018.

Their idea was increasing their number of followers on Instagram, where the company discloses products for e-commerce sales. From that point, a process of identifying influencers that would speak directly to ballet dancers was initiated. Six profiles of bloggers were selected: Nas Pontas, Tutu4Love, Ma Ballet, Mundo Bailarinístico, Eu Bailarina and Coque & Sapatilha. Together, they sum up over 200 thousand followers.

The intention of the company was, besides causing an impact on this audience, bringing 0.5% of these followers to their official page. At the time, the company had 24.300 followers. Engaging the public through a creative campaign would be necessary. For this reason, the Evidence Christmas Challenge was created.

Each blogger received one of the brand’s costumes and was invited to record a video dancing their favorite Christmas song and challenge the next influencer to do the same. After the release of their video, kits of tights and pointe shoes (by Evidence Ballet) would be given away to followers in the influencers’ profiles. The six videos and related posts summed up over 40 thousand views/likes, three thousand comments and brought 1.200 new followers to the store’s page. The figures were even bigger than expected, with no financial contribution – donations and gifts only.

The idea is an inspiration for those who are willing to “think outside the box”. The simple sending of products is the necessary basic action to initiate a relationship with these opinion and consumption leaders, but differentiated campaigns are those which will bring the best results in the field. Influencers are a disclosure tool not yet deeply explored when it comes to strategy, but have rapidly evolved. Are you going to start 2019 with this challenge? So get ready to leave the conventional and reach better results.