Owned Media and Its Advantages

By Evelyn Spada

Every single day is like a championship final, where the competition for the best positioning in search engine rankings is increasingly fierce. Making a purchase decision, be it to buy a new mobile device or hiring a new communications agency, normally does not happen spontaneously, but after conversations and research on the best options available. For this reason, for any business the goal is to be the answer to what whomever is searching is looking for.

However, for this to happen in an efficient manner, it is necessary to offer relevant, high quality content. Here is where the owned medias come into play: why not create your own channel to distribute content?

Today, many brands and companies dedicate part of their communications efforts to creating owned medias. One good example, are cosmetics companies that invest in portals, videos and even tutorials to provide their consumers with beauty related content. Other companies transform their sites into electronic magazines.

For the communications professional João Pedro Andrade, investing in owned media is a great way of building a relationship with your public. “ To be successful, it is necessary to invest in content production and in building channels. Moreover, the team behind the channels need to be experienced and very professional. Since everything surges in the digital environment, being a source on the subject that you master can be a great possibility.”

Regarding the content, João Pedro has a word of warning: “Just as in the production of journalistic content, content for owned media can not only bring up institutional or commercial topics, such as promotions of products. Those consuming the information are searching for reliable and independent sources.”

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