What is a press release?

By André Ranieri

When it comes to external communication, the press release is one of the main tools for the public relations. It basically is a journalistic text about a specific client. The release is not sent to general public, but directly to the journalist through e-mail, which is why the material must be thought to draw attention in the title.

Positive points

Sometimes the release is fully published by the media, but this usually happens with small and medium-media relevance. In vehicles of great importance, the main objective is to draw journalists’ attention to the subject matter and to awake their interest about it. In these cases, the writer contacts the PR searching for sources and more information.

Negative points

The press release is a tool used by practically all the public relations, which creates a major competition. It is important to have in mind that journalists’ e-mail boxes are daily filled with texts like this. Therefore, it is vital to send releases only when the issues are really relevant, so that they are not sent to spam boxes.

Press release distribution

Before distributing the press release to a general mailing with several journalists, a good alternative is to offer the material exclusively for strategic vehicles. This is because the most important vehicles usually lose interest in the material after realizing that it has been sent to other journalists.

* André Ranieri is a PR account manager in Race Comunicação