Trade shows and events: invest in visual communication to attract customers

Race Communications Trade shows and events invest in visual communication to attract customers - Trade shows and events: invest in visual communication to attract customers

Have you thought about investing more offline to attract customers? Today, we´ve separated tips to make no more mistakes in booth presentation and promotional materials and attract more sales. The secret is: at trade shows and events, invest in visual communication to attract more customers.
“Want to get attention? Wear a banana suit!” The phrase may even have a negative connotation in everyday use, but when it comes to the dispute for space in the corporate environment, it is no exaggeration to resort to it. Especially if we think about trade shows, congresses and the like.
We’re talking about events where people walk around, see stands with innovations everywhere, are impacted by flashy colors all the time. At such times, the worst that can happen to a company is not being noticed in the face of so many distractions. But how to stand out anyway? The task is not simple, but visual communication can help a lot.
There are several resources that can be used to attract visitors to your booth, and at these times it is best to consult an experienced professional to conduct this work. But knowing what to avoid for sure is a big step. So as not to make mistakes and when presenting your company at an event, here are three surefire tips

1. Keep consistency

You wanna get attention? Yes. But not by all means. Your business presentation needs to be in tune with the message you expect to get across. If it is a tech company, everything needs to follow a modern and innovative concept. Have state-of-the-art gadgets in your booth, bet on color, design, architecture and a very high tech approach.

2. Align communication

It is no use having a super traditional posture in company folders and having swag on social networks, or using cool colors as the basis of your brand and change them when it comes to trade shows and congresses. Changing colors confuses the public and impairs identification. Communication needs to be aligned on absolutely everything.
3. Save on words
Did you know that humans process images 60,000 times faster than texts? This means it’s no use writing paragraphs and paragraphs to get your audience’s attention at an event, because your text simply won’t be read. Invest much more in the illustrations to communicate. An at such times remember: “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

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