The transparent relationship between PR agent and client

By Daniela Dálio

One of the basic premises for a successful communication work with the press is a good relationship between the PR agent and the client. It is important to remember that both parties have duties to perform on the way in order to achieve good results.

First of all, it is crucial that the PR agent understands deeply their client’s business as well as their goals. To this end, an immersion into client’s company is essential for having deep understanding of the services, products, spokespeople, etc. Hence, the agent will have a general overview of what they must produce in order to generate results that are aligned with the company’s strategy.

The good relationship between the PR agent and the client also demands transparency and trust. The agent, many times, must adopt an educative posture and show the assisted what might work or not in the press, showing which are the criterion used by journalists to turn a pitch into a publication. This transparent and honest attitude can help the understanding of the client about the press and, most important, increase the credibility of the advisory work of the agent.

And, this credibility, in turn, is the key for the client to expand their trust on the agent. Trust that the client must have in order to give more and more access to important information that could be used along with the press in the best possible way. And here comes the duty of the client in this relationship: being transparent on their data and on their communication with the agent, helping on the composition of an interesting pitch for the press.

Therefore, a frank, honest and transparent relationship between the two parties broaden a lot the chances of achieving the proposed goals in a communication strategy with the press.