The importance of a well-structured internal communication

Race Comunicacao The importance of a well structured internal communication - The importance of a well-structured internal communication

No matter how good, progressive and avant-garde your plans for the growth of your company are. They are in serious danger of failing if you are not successful in communicating them to your employees. This is where a fundamental tool of corporate communication comes in: internal communication.

A good internal communication network can help in collaboration, feedback and the application of a transparent relationship in the company. For these and other reasons is that it is such an important tool of relationship in companies of any size or segment.

Firstly, it is worth remembering that internal communication will be a strong ally for the alignment of different areas of the same company. Lack of positioning will surely undermine your productivity. Let’s imagine for a moment that the company’s marketing team wants to promote its products. The area should be in line with other sectors to know where to invest, which products have higher and lower demand and what the goals of this promotion are.

As a leader of a company, it is important that you inform your employees what your purposes are. Internal communication is an effective tool for sharing goals, plans and responsibilities.

What’s more, there is no employee who does not want to feel validated, listened to, and a member of a team. A well-structured company has motivated employees and, to deliver that value, a well-built internal communication project is ideal. It can be an important channel for the recognition and celebration of good practices and goals. This will help create a culture of appreciation in the company.

The company should be the owner of its information. Internal communication can counter hallway gossip. Just as journalists look for official sources to find out about certain subjects, your employees will come to you – and your mean for informing them will be an internal communication project.

And last but not least, internal communication will be a good friend to have alongside in internal or external crisis situations. People say that at times like these, executives must preserve themselves and talk as little as possible to avoid exposure. However, knowing what, when and how to communicate can turn a catastrophic situation into a positive scenario, in which the executive will be surrounded by allies.

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By João Pedro Andrade