The Different Types of News Pitches That One Client May Use

The different news pitches that one client may use - The Different Types of News Pitches That One Client May Use
By Marianne Mitsui

The news pitch is used by journalists to list different themes to develop stories that can be published in the media. It’s the kick-off for the development of a story.

In the routine of newsrooms, editorial meetings are held to choose the pitches, and the frequency depends on the type of media. Therefore, in daily press (such as newspapers) the meetings are also daily, and the same logic is applied to weekly and monthly press. On the Internet, since the flow of information is constant, editorial meetings can occur more than once in a day.

In a press office, the dynamics of the editorial meetings follow the logic of newsrooms. However, it’s from the sector in which the client operates that the pitches for the stories will be listed. Therefore, it is based on the client’s area of expertise that the stories will be written and the editorials identified.

There are countless possibilities of stories that can be created for a client. Whether it’s a food company, an engineering company or a design exhibition, for instance, it’s possible to have business and marketing pitches, or pitches related to the specific market that the area encompasses. If the goal is to reach online media, it is recommended to create photo galleries, which is very common in news websites.

Another type of pitch used in news websites as well as in newspapers and magazines is the one followed by an infographic, often created by the client of the communication agency. Be that as it may, the press officer must have the ability to draw on different pitches that serve the interests of all media.


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