SEO integrated with press office or public relations

By Rogério Artoni

The press office job has often been considered a distant partner of SEO (search engine optimization). Nowadays, the work involving SEO and press office activities must be thought of in an integrated way, because one service completes the other. SEO aims to improve the visibility of a website in search engines like Google. In order for this to happen in the best way, keywords must be considered when producing the content, and within other websites, preferably in relevant ones, there must be posts with links taking the reader to your website.

This way, the press office or the public relations work must be integrated with the SEO of the company. Always try to have publications on relevant websites and, whenever is possible, aim to have a link to the website of your company. A public relations agency in São Paulo, Goiânia or even New York, which does this, can collaborate to increase access to the website of the company, regardless of its location. The important thing in this case is the adequacy of the language, public, relevant publications and keywords.

Therefore, it’s not interesting to have a large volume of links published in websites of low relevance, something that Google’s robots disapprove of. It’s more worthwhile if the public relations agency tries a relevant publication in a great website, but that contains the link to the company. Many times, the SEO team can even give insights into the types of topics that are more interesting for the website of the client. Another point is that the press office or public relations agency work on the production of content, or content marketing. Writing optimized and targeted content to the website of the company or to its blog.

With both areas working in an integrated way, it’s quite possible that the volume of visits to the client’s website has an exponential growth and the sales increase, effectively impacting on the results of the company which hires a press office or a public relations agency that works with SEO in an integrated way. Race Communications works this way. If you are interested in this service, click here and learn more.