Public relations for the food industry

By Bruno Uehara

In 2017, the food industry in Brazil took up their growth pace and billed over R$642 billion, according to ABIA survey (Food Industry Brazilian Association). The current time period is favorable to the segment and, like in supermarket shelves, there is a highly brand-disputed scenario, especially when we talk about space in media outlets and publications of influencers.

In such a context, communications consultancy is as strategic as the company’s market plan. In order to convince consumers that your product is more beneficial than another one on the shelf, investing in announcements and TV ads is not enough. One must also be present in communication outlets of the field and on social network pages that approach topics like food and gastronomy, for example, highlighting spontaneous messages that can generate the audience’s trust

Currently, the market offers brands that serve to several profiles: fitness, vegetarians, celiac, lactose intolerants or even those who are just searching for convenience. The communication consultancy not only identifies the most strategic outlets to reach potential consumers, but also is capable of identifying good opportunities for disclosure, whether in magazine, newspaper, radio or TV show reports.

The work with micro-influencers is also an efficient way to disclose a product, besides offering the possibility of trial through the sending of press kits. Besides resulting in posts on social media, the action also enables the engagement of followers, generating brand acknowledgment or the famous “word-of-mouth marketing”.

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