By Gabriel Pedreschi

The current dynamism of the world makes companies look for innovations and great differentials to stay strong on the market. However, after an implemented change, how will the external public receive this information and become aware of the new steps taken? How will they even notice the work that is being done?

Considering this, one of the strategies used are institutional videos, which are shown on the company websites and on streaming sites, such as YouTube, making possible a greater reach among the external public.

But make no mistake – an institutional video is not simply made up of a person speaking, explaining the change or planned objective for that agency or client without investing much work or dedication in order to reach the best end result.

Aiming for better communication and for capturing the attention of the viewer, the video should contain certain characteristics in order to transmit its core message and cause a positive impact, such as, for example:

  • Objectivity
  • Video with, maximum, three minutes duration
  • Camera filming horizontally
  • A script that is being followed and which keeps the audience focused
  • Editing
  • Clear speech and a balanced soundtrack
  • Images and/or photos of what will be announced

To reach the expected success for your institutional video and to be able to follow the steps with certainty, a communications agency could be the best option for executing the production, from the target audience research to the final editing, managing the work that will be executed in the search for spreading of the video and for an audience.