Influence marketing for B2B enterprises

By Daniela Dalio

One of the myths of influence marketing is that only B2C companies can be benefited, as by the nature of the business, the actions are tied to sales to the final consumer. Of course influence marketing campaigns for final consumers tend to have much more prominence, as they end up involving celebrities or mega-influencers and impacting millions of people.

But B2B companies may and should also include influence marketing strategies in their PR campaigns, aiming positioning and recognition of the brand and also attracting and retaining clients. Digital campaigns help gain more presence and conquer a position in the market.

On B2B, many times the actions are oriented to specific niches, that won’t have great exposure. In this case, there probably won’t be influencers of much reach, but what will be is a much more directed target. Currently, there are many digital influencers in all areas that approach different topics and that can fit in any sort of business and reach exactly the target audience.  

The secret, as in any PR strategy, is in picking the right influencer and the right publication for the company’s goal, having in mind the message to be transmitted, the identity of the company and the audiences to be reached.