Increase Sales Through Corporate Communication

Let’s face it – corporate communication has no purpose in itself. It is not a goal but a means to an end. This end being, in most but not all cases, to increase sales of a product or a service. Now, the fact that communications is a means to an end does not mean it is not important. Quite the contrary. Effective communications has the potential to help improve the financial results of a company or organisation.

The question is – how can we prove this correlation? Is it even possible? The short answer is no. Proving a direct correlation between communications activities (being them media relations, social media or internal communications) is tricky. Sure, we can measure the amount and type of articles or mentions of the company in the press or analyse metrics on social media content. Still, this can never prove the impact it will have on sales.

So, does this mean the correlation does not exist? Again – no.

Communications strongly impacts on a company or organisation’s image and reputation, which both play a central role in (de)motivating customers to buy its products or services. In other words, to create effective communications, it is useless trying to measure impacts of communications on sales. Instead, we should focus on measuring the impact it has on the company image, its reputation and brand recognition.


To build communications that can  impact positively on sales, try theses tips:


  • Invest in media relations. The media landscape is more vast now than ever before. And not only is it vast, but it moves incredibly fast. Having skilled professionals who know how to deal with the media, especially digital media, is fundamental to any organisation. Putting your best foot forward in the press and in cyberspace can be the difference between good PR and catastrophic PR.
  • Stay up-to-date with the public opinion. How many faux passes involving clumsy statements or ads regarding gender, race or sexuality have we not seen from companies, politicians and celebrities over the past years? Countless. So, avoid making a public embarrassment of yourself or the company you represent, by making sure you know what is politically correct and what is not. And stick to the first.
  • Make your employees brand ambassadors. Having your employees on your side, is worth their weight in gold. Happy and engaged employees speak well of the company and its brand, services and products. Their word weighs heavily as it carries credibility and it can spread fast via social media and other forums. Therefore, invest in your employees, build solid and open internal communications routines and you will reap the benefits.
  • Create good relations with digital influencers. Depending on the type of business you have, investing time in relationships with digital influencers, such as bloggers, Youtubers, and Instagrammers, can sometimes generate better results than traditional media or advertising.
  • Walk the talk.  Last but not least – a good reputation and positive company image cannot be created out of thin air. It needs to be founded on actual quality and transparency. In other words – make sure you have good stuff to sell and make a conscious effort to be open to dialogue with clients and customers, as well as with media and with employees.



As mentioned before, there is no magic formula to increase sales or making your company successful. However, following the suggestions above, you have a good chance of creating effective corporate communications that can help build a positive reputation and image of your company. Increased interest in its products and services, is likely to follow as a consequence.