In war for influence, do not miss the target

By Luiz Gaulia

Everyone gained voice and opinion power over the internet, isn’t it?

An entire generation whose parents and grandparents did not even imagine having their pictures or texts published in newspapers and magazines now coexist with children and grandchildren interconnected with the world. Posting their pictures, their photos and talking about all kinds of subjects. The global village has quintupled its inhabitants and the various tribes now frantically babble in this virtual space. Of course, much noise and dispersion are in the air and much is lost. But we can say that we live a real war of influence.

In this cybernetic and digital time, opinion leaders have got a new name on the web: digital influencers. People like me and you, reader, who, like anyone who knows how to use digital platforms, become celebrities, gaining fame, audience, and power.

These digital celebrities are able to influence behaviors, consumption patterns and lifestyles. Their opinions and content quickly reach millions of people via YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and a large number of apps, blogs and networks – plus printed outlets such as newspapers and magazines that disseminate and reinforce the image of the influencers, in a fascinating media vortex.

The thing is this group is at the height. Brands, companies, small and large businesses want these influencers to speak – well – of their products, services and launches. The costs to invest in them may greatly vary, depending on the number of followers each influencer has, their segment, relevance and impact. In this online universe, there are no limits. Like economics, culture and education, politics is also under the frequent influence of these … influencers! Just remember the last Brazilian elections. One must engage, interact, generate leads, generate conversation, contact, businesses. Advertising has gained a non-sleeping ally, that is connected 24/7, and PR agencies need to help their customers understand, navigate and benefit from this unpredictable world that brings together technology ease and global reach. But it needs planning, coherence and intelligence.

In the war for influence, be careful not to miss the target and instead of forming an opinion, your brand ends up being deformed and losing its way. A chatterbox may seem influential, but they often have absolutely nothing to say.

Think this through and come and have a coffee with the Race Communication team.