How to promote a company on social network

By Lívia Caixeta

Putting in an appearance, being seen and remembered.

These three aspects, extremely important for a company – small, medium or large -, are the base to promote your brand on social network. These tools, when well used, advance and grow in an intense pace and are capable of generating high impact.

Statics data from statista, for example, point out that, until July 2018 Facebook was the leader in its segment with 63.76% of access, followed by Twitter, with 14.89% of access. Pinterest, with 10.38% of access, Instagram (belonging to Facebook), in fourth, with 3.23%, and Tumblr in fifth, with 1.81%, complete the podium.

Other aspect, this time raised by Sebrae SP through the research “Digital transformation in medium and small companies”, shows that small and micro-businesses invest in computerization and that Whatsapp and Facebook are the most widely used social networks on this field. These two tools fulfill important operational roles similar to a Customer Service Center and still generate content that can be shared with their customers.

But what could be the secret to stand out on social network, such a vast world?

  1. Identify the profile of your audience: social networks can be used as internal communication support as much as a means of communication with your consumers/clients;
  2. Use the adequate social network for the profile of your company and for the content you wish to share;
  3. Generate content and not only “ads”: the more relevant information you produce on social network, the widest will your reach be. Understand a bit more about it on the post I wrote on negative SEO;
  4. Boost your posts and give special discounts when adequate;
  5. Plan and monitor: an abandoned social network is a self-shot in the foot.