How to Increase Email Marketing Engagement

Race Comunicação 3 dicas para aumentar o engajamento do seu email marketing - How to Increase Email Marketing Engagement

You are well aware of the importance of email marketing in your digital content strategy. Essential in the distribution of content, qualification and nutrition of leads, it is often from a good job in that format that you will influence the buying decision of your client. But if your opening and click rates are dropping, your content may be less relevant, less personalized, and your frequency is inadequate. This creates a phenomenon we call brand fatigue. Here are 3 tips to help you avoid this and increase your email marketing engagement.

Studying user behavior and betting on relevant content can help leverage your engagement metrics

  1.      Focus on the issues and approaches

Think about your lead’s intentions. You got their email for some reason, right? What data did they offer you? What do they seek by subscribing to your list? Does sending an email featuring your new hires make any difference to them? One of the most common mistakes in this format is triggering emails with institutional information, company achievements, and other things that are irrelevant to the customer. It is at this point that you start to become an inconvenience in their inbox. Your brand is there, always appearing, but never with relevance. Guess what’s going to happen? Yes, your emails go straight to the bin, or your lead will unsubscribe. That is, no one is paying attention to what you say. This is called brand fatigue.

To prevent this from happening, a good start is to understand what this lead expects from the information they have already offered you. If you have an e-commerce that sells wine and they have subscribed to your list to learn more about starter wines, it is certainly a good first step using this data to target a nice article about starter wines for them. Your chance to be noticed increases and the path to more engagement is much easier.

2.   Set the frequency

Even if you map out your lead’s interests and information, is it really necessary to send them content every day? What’s more, you have so many topics to unravel? Think of your own email: what happens when you access your inbox and there are multiple emails marketing from the same company? That’s right: bin them! Even if the most relevant issues to you were there, it all became pointless. It is also part of the so-called brand fatigue.

Providing options for your lead to select the most relevant topics to him, the most interesting periodicity and the days they prefer to receive your content are ways to improve their engagement. Personalization is one of the main tools to build a good relationship with your lead.

3.  Notice to be noticed

Like everything in digital marketing, the tests must be present in your email marketing strategy. Trying out segmentations, schedules, new subjects, new approaches, and other ways to get closer to your lead are things that will provide you with key data to optimize your content and frequency to avoid failure. Note the behaviors of your leads, the feedbacks they give you, and from that, draw an experience that is made for them. This will certainly increase your engagement and prevent you from striking out.


Personalization and learning are the ways to prevent your content from being trashed and to increase the engagement of email marketing. Looking at interests to provide the information the user considers useful, respecting how often they want to receive new content, and testing ways to define a best-in-class experience for each lead are good practices that will prevent your e-mails marketing from being ignored and will leverage your engagement.

By Felipe Vaitsman