How Many Spokespersons Should a Company Have?

By Lívia Caixeta

In e previous post we talked about spokespersons here in the blog. In the text, written by Nubia Neves, she explains how important it is to have a well-prepared spokesperson.

The subject now goes a little further. After all, how many spokespersons must or should a company have? Considering that the spokesperson is the person who will answer all questions about company matters, we can argue that according to the size of the company, it’s possible to have several spokespersons, each one responsible for a sector or for a certain subject.

The strategy of not concentrating announcements on one single person has pros and cons. The main positive point is that you will always have someone available to attend the press or to respond to other stakeholders.

However, it’s important to make sure the speech is aligned. Regardless of the number of spokespersons, it’s fundamental that all of them know how to act both in common announcements informing news related to the company, as well as in crisis situations; they must be up to date on the subjects regarding their segment and know the most important publications and professionals from the media in general and those who cover their sector specifically.

With the help of this analysis, it’s possible to define who should be the spokesperson(s).

Below follow a few general recommendations:

President: is the main spokesperson in any company. Therefore, they should always be ready to speak. However, they should only be demanded for previously defined occasions;

Directors: like the president, they are obvious choices of spokespersons and should be prepared to speak to different audiences;

Managers, Coordinators and Supervisors: must be previously selected by management to attend routine demands. They should be well articulated and confident people.

At the time of the choice it’s important to also note that the ideal spokesperson is the one who is aware of the importance of this purpose, which is not remunerated, but requires time, attention and experience.

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