By João Andrade

You already learned here that having a video presentation of your company can help your business a lot. Apart from connecting with the audience, a video on your site can favour the page on search engine sites such as, for example, Google. However, simply making the video is not enough. Its message needs to be aligned with what the company preaches and what it offers.

Before producing the video, it is important to make a plan for what you are aiming to achieve, what and with whom the video will communicate. This will help with the creation of the content, as well as with the choice of tone to be used and in generating the value which you are hoping to add for those watching.

Remember that every public has a profile – and every profile, a specific approach. Try to find out which are the doubts and questions which linger in the minds of your audience. You can line up topics with the most important information that you wish to communicate and, then, decide which format the video will have – a webinar, a video class, client testimonies, interviews, motivational video etc.

After this, it is time to decide who will produce the content. To make the right choice, you need to know what level of quality that the material requires and the budget that you have at your disposal to produce it. It can be someone from the organisation itself producing it, as well as an outsourced producer. Before initiating the production, have a script of the content ready and let  someone whom you trust have a look at it to give a second opinion.

Last but not least, you need to choose where the video will be hosted from now on. Apart from making the upload of the video to streaming sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion, it should also have a reserved space on your site. Don’t forget to put a link to the company page in the description of the video. This helps the SEO.