By Amanda Lima

Executing good branding management means executing a good strategic plan that is able to make the consumer, at the moment of purchase, chose your product over another. It is in this that the concept of branding lies, or, in other words – “persuading outsiders to buy and insiders to believe”. The definition, borrowed from Wally Olins, a British professional specialized in branding, help us to understand this strategy. However, what does media relations have to do with all this?

The primary mission of the the media relations consultant is to take care of how the brand is viewed by the market. One important differential here is that you can count on professionals who are able to determine the needs of the client and how to translate them into an effective communications plan. Media relations, creation of press releases, participation in interviews and press conferences, representation at events, crisis management and promotion of social responsibility actions, are some examples of media relations activities.

The results of this work has an indispensible impact on the branding of any company: the relationship with the stakeholders, that is, the people who have an interest in your business. Of course, this contact is also made by other means, such as for example sales calls or publicity campaigns. These activities are also important for the brand management, but the differential of media relations lies in how the potential client in impacted.  

A reportage in a media outlet with national coverage that presents a positive approach to your business will have an impact that is very different  from that of a sales call; In the first scenario enters the aspect of the credibility that the stakeholders, who are also news consumers, attribute to the media outlet and to the journalist who chose your company as the spokesperson for the given topic. Media relations consultancy is a way to positively impact the external public and, consequently, also the company’s employees.   

The better the branding of your company is, the more value and credibility people will give to your products. A business with character, quality, an amazing graphic profile and an adequate tone of voice, is worth nothing unless it reaches its potential consumers. And, for this, you should count on a competent media relations team.