Digital Marketing: the importance of colours

Marketing das Cores - Digital Marketing: the importance of colours

By Rodolfo Zanchim

Have you ever thought about how many factors are necessary to position a brand in a digital environment? There are many, such as content, language, format – text, video, audio –, among others. And along with them, there is one more thing that must be considered: the colours!

In case you are scrolling your news feed on Facebook, for example, and pass by an image of a family sitting at the dinner table with many red elements, it instinctively reminds you of Coca-Cola. Pay attention next time! Practically all brands follow a colour pattern, such as Itaú and orange, Starbucks and green, Facebook or Nasa and blue, etc.


Psychology of Colours X Digital Marketing

Research shows that the way colours are interpreted by the human brain and which sensations each one provides is the Psychology of Colours, such as white and the feeling of tranquillity and hygiene, black which represents strength, and red, which besides passion, can be related to hunger.

In a study conducted by Quick Sprout, 85% of buyers say that colour is the main reason to buy a product. Besides that, colour enhances brand recognition by up to 80% — a fact that is strictly related to the customer’s trust.

Check bellow the relationship between colour and its perceptions, and a few brands that use them:

Color Emotion Guide2 - Digital Marketing: the importance of colours

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