Content marketing or content production

By Rogério Artoni

Content marketing is, in fact, a term for generating content which brings effective results for a company through its digital platforms. Remember that people are increasingly avoiding advertising and seeking information that they consider relevant. Considering this, having a customized digital content production, targeted to your audience within your website or blog can bring new visitors and thus potential customers to your business. This post is an example of that, and if you have read this text up until now, it’s probably because you have found the content via a search engine like Google and are visiting the website of Race Communications.

To maintain a relevant online content production, you must always bear in mind who your audience is, which information they look for and what is interesting to them. Everything aligned with the strategies of your company. However, this digital marketing job requires a team available to make the evaluation, the research and, above all, to produce this material and manage it on your digital platforms, being them your website or your social networks.

Content marketing, or content management, does not replace advertising but complements it, just as it does with other services such as media relations. This content production for websites and blogs must always make use of SEO as an ally. Which means that even if you have a relevant digital content, you should also optimize in order to improve the visibility in search engines.

This work of producing and managing content, carried out by a team of journalists, must be conducted with keywords relevant to your business, everything aligned with the demands of the search engines and with the help of SEO.

To make a simple comparison, if your website does not have much content, it is just like a library with very few books. Why would people go to a library that has only 10 books? Wouldn’t it be better to go to the best library in the city, where tens of thousands of books are available?

Therefore, if your website still does not work with content marketing, think of it as an empty store, with very few products on sale. If you need someone specialized in content production, contact our team and we will be able to help you to improve the traffic of your website.