Communication and trust

Communication and trust

põ´p - Communication and trustTrust is a state of mind. A way of looking at life in a positive way. Open to the other as a possibility of sum. Entrepreneurs and founders of big business (small ones too) are trusting people. They believe in their individual talent, believe in their product, service and believe in their dreams. These makers are like a beacon to light the way, to guide people and customers through the market seas. To open borders and do extraordinary things, unthinkable for many.

One of the best images to illustrate confidence is that of two trapeze artists in the air. We were astonished at their synchronicity and their absolute mutual trust. The risks of these maneuvers are very high. From a serious injury to death. The end. Companies and brands also live on this issue, every day. Can I trust my employees? Are they engaged in fact or do they not mean it? Can I trust my supplier? Can I trust my director? Will he meet the agreed deadlines? Can I trust the government? The banks? Can I trust my partners?

As a business communicator and professor, I can only embrace the idea of ​​trust through the ability to dialogue. Ability and commitment to the truth conveyed by words. Do companies and brands know how to dialogue? Do they really want to dialogue and build trust? Long-term bonds? I believe that this is the greatest contribution of the field of communication: strengthen ties through dialogues with multiple stakeholders. In a strategic, intelligent and transparent way. There is no confidence if one part is based on lies as a business strategy. If you promise anything, even knowing that you will not keep your promise. Worst of all worlds is finding companies within which sarcasm and hypocrisy have taken hold of the environment and people do not tell the truth.

Trust is the foundation of sustainable businesses, of brands that are perpetuated by generations in the market. And they all know not only how to inform their stakeholders, but how to communicate. They really know how to talk, like two great friends when they meet. The conversation reduces risks because it brings people together to get to know each other before making commitments. Imagine if these two trapeze artists do not talk?

Can your company be any different? Best regards and thanks for reading.

By Luiz Gaulia