The importance of communications for the companies

We know the act to communicate is inherent to every human being. Since the prehistory, between 500,000 BC and 18,000 BC, when the humankind started to live in society, they realized the power and the importance of the communication, so they developed the language from many different ways – sounds, gestures, colors, draws, but the reason always was the same: transmit the message and be understood.

Nowadays, it is not possible to reduce the communication to the transmission of the message, it’s more than that, it is the creation of a common environment between two sides that participate providing and extracting information of it.

With many society changes, knowing how to communicate became something essential for all individuals. And not just for them, the companies also must be concerned about the communication, especially with the information that are provided by themselves.

According to Kasper Ulf Nielsen, Executive Partner, Reputation Institute, “If you want to create business value from your communications in today’s environment you need to master both the art and the science behind corporate communication. As corporate communications moves from “nice to have” to “business critical” the expectations and demands have grown tremendously.”

The companies can talk with their public in many different ways and using a sort of tools, but it is indispensable to have the support of a communications professional or a specialized agency.

The mainly ways of a healthy and lasting relationship between companies and their public are:

–  Public Relations agency: It is the bridge between the company and the media. With this, it is possible to gain positive visibility and the trust with the society, strengthening the company image and becoming reference in the business world.

Internal communications: The effective management improves the organizational climate, helps to motivate the employees who start relying more on the company, besides of reducing the costs and arising the profitability of the work.

Social Media: Companies engaged with the online word tend to have a better relationship with their clients and suppliers, transmit a better image and show to be concerned about the public opinion.

It is important that the company sees the communication as an allied for the business, because the good relationship with the public, internal and external, ensures the recognition towards the society, values the resources and the potential of its employees, and helps to strengthen the reputation.

By Maira Manesco

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