5 diagramming tips for Instagram feed

Race Communications 5 diagramming tips for Instagram feed - 5 diagramming tips for Instagram feed

Instagram is the fastest growing social network in the world, with over 1 billion active users per month. Among these users, 80% follow the profile of some brand on the platform, according to data released by Instagram itself. But can your brand stand out on this platform and avoid positioning overview? With that in mind, we’ve put together 5 Instagram feed design tips that will make your business stand out in the most sweetheart social network of the moment.
Since the Fotolog days, the online universe has been directed to image sharing, getting to Instagram nowadays, a network that is only behind Facebook when it comes to user engagement. On these platforms, the goal is to share images that say a lot about you, your brand and your positioning. With so many updates and algorithm changes, not everything that is posted appears to your followers, which often leads them to directly access your profile and view your feed.
And, as with an institutional presentation, the way images are arranged says a lot about your placement on Instagram. Quality and well-produced images are like headlines, lead the follower to access the content and perhaps start a buying journey or relationship with the brand. Image is content! The visual content on Instagram is even more relevant than the information elaborated in the post. But it doesn’t have to be a super production either, because people want to see the real life of the profiles.
Before the 5 tips, here comes a suggestion: Have you thought of following Instagram itself on Instagram? It’s a great tactic to always have references around how platform specialists are using the available resources.
Then, take 5 Instagram feed diagramming tips to upgrade your brand’s visual communication:

1. Consistency: text and image need to converse, they complement each other
2. Personas: Explore physical information that represents your market position. Know your audience and identify their personas.
3. Quality: High quality photographs are the rule. Invest in a photo shoot or a good stock image
4. Curatorship: Make a good selection of images and no photo posting with electronic equipment off, repeating images or using similar photos
5. Real life: Post images that are connected to your reality, without exaggerated edits; bet on diversity!
Remember: Your feed is your Instagram business card!


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