4 Reasons To Work With Radio Pitches In Media Relations

By Ana Carolina Lima

Created in 1896 by the Italian Guglielmo Marconi, radio revolutionized distance communication. Because it’s such an old communication channel, the idea of using radio pitches today in a world full of cutting edge technologies may seem somewhat old-fashioned. Don’t be fooled! It’s worth rethinking the efficiency of this more traditional resource when constructing and positioning a public figure or an organization.

  • Reach

According to research conducted by BBC radio in the UK, if you have a message broadcast on three different radio channels in the morning, you can reach about a third of the population of the UK before the end of breakfast. Analysing the routine of Brazilian society, which wakes up early and faces daily traffic jams in cars and packed subways, the numbers may be even higher in a Brazilian context.

  • Multiple platforms mean multiple results

With innovative technologies being developed daily, the radio reaches traditional audiences and generates views. Some radio stations, besides broadcasting news, record on their YouTube channel, which often have impressive numbers of 1.8 subscribers. Imagine then having your message in a podcast? It’s like a radio show, but its difference is the advantage of content on demand. Thousands of young Brazilians subscribe to receive daily podcast updates from opinion leaders.

  • Control

Live on the radio, a client’s word cannot be taken out of context. We cannot ignore the risks of recording live, without editing, but with an excellent preparation, the results of a good interview can be immediate.

  • Show your skills

Some radio stations always look for experts at certain recurring subjects in the media to give their opinion and to comment on the subject in programs or newspapers. This allows you to put your client on the air to show their knowledge and skills, creating a fantastic and free marketing opportunity.

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