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The Challenge

A pioneer in the country as well as one of the biggest theme parks in Brazil, Wet’n Wild started as part of a project to increase the tourism in the region, which includes cities such as Vinhedo. Cabreúva and Louveira. Since 2012, during the coldest time of the year, the park operates with heated water and, in 2015, in order to attract more visitors, the park launched “Macabre Nights”, a nocturnal event for horror story fans.

To launch the event, Wet’n Wild arranged a press conference for print and online media. The estimated time to arrange the press conference was one month. To attract the attention of the journalists, the agency had to overcome two difficulties: the (little) interest of people to visit an aquatic park in the middle of winter and the challenge of attracting journalistic attention to the event of horror stories, as this type of event had already existed in other theme parks for decades.


Race Communications focused on the main demands of the client: to attract the greatest number possible of journalists to the event, focusing on print and online media (general as well as specialized), considering also the participation of bloggers and vloggers.

With this in mind, a strategic maillist was elaborated for the press conference, composed of media outlets from the following industries: recreation, tourism and youth, with both national and regional coverage.

Parallel to organising the launch for the press, Race Communications worked on negotiating an  exclusive interview with business focused medias, as well as an exclusive coverage of the nocturnal event for TV programmes. Along with this, the day after the press conference, the agency promoted the press release about the new attraction to an extensive list of press contacts from the media outlets that had been invited to the event itself.  


The press conference was attended by 13 journalists from relevant media outlets. The efforts to enter in contact with journalists before the press conference rendered an exclusive interview with the president of Wet’n Wild for the magazine IstoÉ Dinheiro (one of the biggest business and finance magazines in Brazil) as well as a coverage with reporters from the tv program Pânico na Band (a famous brazilian comedy tv show).

Apart from the results with the press, the agency also managed to arrange the participation of the characters from “Macabre Nights” in Anime Friends, the biggest pop culture event in Latin America.

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