Uniodonto Goiânia
Uniodonto Race Communications - Uniodonto Goiânia


The Challenge

Uniodonto Goiânia is a collective of dental surgeons in the city of Goiânia (the capital of the state of Goiás in Brazil) where it operates. The collective consists of almost 600 associated professionals and more than 100 collaborators.

The collective contacted Race Communications with the aim to develop and improve the communication between management and collaborators.


Race Communications created and implemented communications channels which enabled the measurement of the effectiveness of the communication and started the use of free platforms which could generate detailed reports.

Along with this, an email marketing was sent and the institutional magazine was updated and a new weekly newsletter was sent with a brief content. Apart from this, the site was also updated on a weekly basis.


The management was re-elected and succeeded in staying for two mandate periods. Through the use of measurement tools, the most used communications channels were identified as well as the information considered most relevant by the users. This  in order to better plan the communication, adjusted to the audience.

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