The Spirit of Poland


The Challenge

The Spirit of Poland design exhibition is an initiative of Polish designers that aims to show the world the value and potential of that country’s design brands;

Its organizers intended to hold three editions in Brazil - in São Paulo (during the DW! Design Weekend), in Brasilia and in Rio de Janeiro, featuring products from a great number of Polish brands, from lamps and chairs to motorcyclist gloves;

The goal was to attract as many people as possible to all of the three editions of the event, despite a limited communication budget;

The organizers do not speak Portuguese, and the entire strategy alignment process and materials approval process was conducted in English.

The Strategy

Mapped the main outlets read by the event’s target audience (decoration, architecture and design);

Organized meetings with the event’s organizers and journalists from relevant outlets;

Sent press kits to selected journalists, containing some of the products that were exhibited;

Agendas directed exclusively to the most strategic vehicles;

Press service on location during all the days of the events.


The Results

Articles on The Spirit of Poland were published in Brazil’s main print and online outlets such as Canal Arte 1, Folha de S. Paulo, O Estado de S. Paulo, O Globo, Veja, Correio Braziliense, Metro, UOL, Casa Vogue, Casa Claudia, and Bamboo;

The estimated return on investment was over 1 million reais, with approximately 14 million people reached;

The success of the press advisory was reflected in the large number of people who attended the three editions of the event.

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