Teuto Laboratories – Media Relations
Teuto media relations Race Communications - Teuto Laboratories - Media Relations


The Challenge

The Teuto Laboratory is the biggest pharmaceutical complex in Latin America, with more than 750 different medications and 3500 employees.

The company hired Race Communications to, with the help of the press, consolidate the company as a reference on the Brazilian market of generic drugs.  

The Strategy

Race Communications opted for, as a strategy, the promotion of the quality of its products, the superior infrastructure of the industrial complex and the over 60 year long tradition of the company. The media training for the main spokespersons was strategically developed for the media relations contact. Last but not least, Race also arranged a press trip for journalists to visit the plant.

The Results

The actions resulted in a two-digit growth per year and every time above the average of the Brazilian market, which positioned the company in 6th place in the 2016 ranking and in 4th place in the 2017 ranking.


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